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Tenebrous Party Recipes

Blood Punch

Planning a Gothic Party

Gothic Party Ideas & Recipes -  Gothic Blood Punch Recipe

You will need:

1 can of the reddest punch you can find (Hawaiian Punch in the undiluted bottle works very well)
1 two-liter bottle of sparkling water
1 large bottle of cranberry juice, any flavor
1 new rubber glove (rinsed well)
2 clothespins 

Two nights before your gothic party, fill the glove with either water or some of the cranberry juice.  Clip the glove end shut by rolling it then using the clothespins.  Place into your freezer.  To make the punch, mix all of the liquid ingredients and pour into a large container.  

Use your imagination when choosing your container. You can use anything from a tin pail to a crystal punchbowl.  The container can also be decorated in gothic fashion.  Right before the festivities commence, carefully remove the ‘ice hand’ from the glove.  It will float nicely in your river of Gothic Blood Punch.

Recipe courtesy of  http://www.skyatdawn.com/

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