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Welcome To Tenebrous!
This site is a celebration for those who love to play in the dark.
Here you will find dark poetry, art, thoughts and links.
All are invited to participate.  So, ... turn out the lights and explore what lurks in the shadows of your soul - you may be surprised what you find! 

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Art by Kat Starchild

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Photo Courtesy of Adrian Butt


pa·lav·er: (pəˈlæv ər) noun 1.  Idle chatter. 2. Talk intended to charm or beguile. 

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Portrait of Mendelssohn by James Warren Childe

Music in the background is Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor 1-1
performed by Henryk Szeryng and Antal Dorati with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The Creature Feature

"I think we could all take many lessons from watching the plants," ~ Kristy Lynn.

The enchanted and delightful person, that is Kristy Lynn, is truly an amazing woman. She has journeyed far in her spiritual quest to discover the wonders of Nature as a tool to a magical and incredible life. Tenebrous truly enjoys her magical & natural creations, that can be found at Verity Apothecary Be sure to stop by the shop! Kristy Lynn's Journey took her from professionally piercing to working in a metaphysical herbal healing shop. "I was a professional body piercer for ten years; I travelled to the other side of the country to work and learn, and found a deep connection helping people in that way. Body piercing is something that is overlooked by many as a fad, but can have lasting, transcendent results when approached ritualistically as a means of energetic release. This was definitely my purpose for that decade of my life," ~ Kristy Lynn. "I have always been drawn to plants...(and) they began calling me louder and clearer...I knew that medicine making and integrating spirit was where my focus would fall," ~ Kristy Lynn. Read her full interview here.

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Photo Courtesy of Kristy Lynn

Art by jerry8448 on deviantart.com
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Our last Creature Feature by Ms. Angel Demon is an exclusive interview with the enigmatic artiste, Lueya (L.C.) Harrison!  Miss Harrison awaits your arrival in The Sanctuary! 


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