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Welcome to the sanctuary of the amazing Zap!

You may know him as the mysterious masked guitarist, Zakai Tetrax, formerly of Abaddon. 
A year ago, in the midst of working on two projects, Ephesian Zap Project & Soul's Chains, Zap graciously granted us an exclusive interview.  

Now, he has emerged with a new double album!  Completely independent, you can get a copy of this dynamic accomplishment directly from Zap by writing a quick note to soulschains@hotmail.it to order.  The cost is just 12 euros plus shipping (which varies depending on destination.) 

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Take a moment to click the play button and experience the serenity of Ephesian Zap Project!


The beginning of Summer is near so it is only fitting that we present an interview with Ephesian Zap. Naming himself after ancient Greek legend, this artist has harnessed the passionate heat and energy of the season with midnight lunar whispers and sultry winds to soothe the soul. Zap composes with mystery and magic to create truly amazing music in contrasting expression. Recently, departing from a brief adventure in Abaddon, Zap has returned his attentions to restart and breathe new life into his previous projects, Soul’s Chains and Ephesian Zap Project. Turning a group project into solo, working on black metal and new age music simultaneously may be challenging for some, but not for Zap, who handles musical creations like an immortal.

Tenebrous (T): Where did you get the name "Ephesian Zap?"

Zap (Z): Ephesian is a Demigod , son of Lix Tetrax, he controls, the earth and the winds. Zap is from my surname, Zappalà, and it sounds good! More or less the same for Zakai Tetrax. I chose Zakai , because he has the same meaning as Ephesian. Some tell me that Ephesian is a Christian name, but not for me.

T: How long have you been composing music?

Z: So first of all, thank you for this interview! I started to compose music seven years ago.

T: What instruments do you play?

Z: Currently, I play guitar and keyboards/piano.  In the future, I want to try cello, violin, trumpet, mandolin and other instruments from classical/folk/world music.

T: Have you had any formal training for music?

Z: I'm self-taught!

T: When did you begin to play instruments?

Z: I began when I started to compose music, so seven years ago. I'm very lucky, I learned composition skills fast.

T: What or who inspires you?

Z: Hard question!

What: life experience, travel, suffering, happiness, dreams ... a lot of personal feelings.

Who: there are many musicians that have inspired my music ... I can't name them all, but the best for me will remain Mr. Duncan Patterson (founder/ex member of Anathema).

T: How would you describe your musical style?

Z: Contemplative, violent, crazy, quiet, introspective, magical, from other dimension

T: Why did you choose this genre?

Z: This genre has chosen me.

T: What has been your most difficult challenge so far?

Z: After years, where Soul's Chains was a band, I remain alone and have to create an album of 10 songs to record!

T: What is your greatest asset?

Z: My hands

T: If you weren't a musician, what would you do?

Z: A psychologist maybe, but I can't see me without a guitar!

T: What other interests, beside music, do you have?

Z: Summer walks in the woods, photography, food, video games

T: What are you most proud of?

Z: My songs, from the first to the last.

T: What is your ultimate goal you would like to achieve?

Z: Travel the world, play my music for my fans and meet new people.

T: What is your opinion on music downloads and internet music distribution?

Z: Those who have never illegally downloaded a song? The internet is a double-edged sword, unfortunately, you can promote your work everywhere, but everywhere they can steal. When I can, I happily purchase original albums from music stores. I have a nice collection! In 2012, people do not realize the effort that we musicians do to promote ourselves. Recording studios cost a lot! But until you try it in person, you do not understand! However, I prefer to distribute the music on my CD cover, booklet! In short, old school!

T: If you were giving advice to another musician, what is the first thing you would tell them?

Z: Play with heart!

T: What music do you enjoy listening to and why?

Z: A lot of music from classical to rock, metal, chill-out, ambient, electronic, folk, goth, dark (infinite list). It depends how I feel! Some know, I'm a big fan of Japanese music, but it’s old Japanese bands like X Japan, hide, Luna Sea, Mirage, Rouage, Dué le quartz , etc.

T: You have two projects, Soul's Chains & Ephesian Zap Project. What is the difference between them and your approach to each? What do you want to accomplish with each?

Z: Yep, S.Chains & EZP are my two sons. The difference is easy!  S.Chains is a symphonic black metal project, "a voice of human degeneration," with aggressive guitars, blast beat, neoclassic keyboards and dark melody.  All songs are sung with lyrics about: human degeneration, religion, war, lust, greed, the great questions of people, also imaginary worlds and fantastic stories.  Always with mystery!  For the new album, "Disharmony," I have made a collaboration with a friend for the lyrics of some of the songs.  She’s a cute, nice girl with a sharp tongue!  "Disharmony" will have more of a doom passage/neoclassical theme than the previous Soul’s Chains album, "Darkness Behind Humanity."  Those who liked the middle music part of "The Aristocrat Of Your Demise" will be satisfied.  Hear to believe!

Ephesian Zap project was born to play a different genre, without metal style.  This music is for contemplation, for finding answers in complete relaxation.  I wish that my music be a guide for anyone, a guide for dreams, and travel.  Nothing more to say about this project.

Usually, when I start a song for S.Chains, the rhythm isn't minimalist like EZP songs. The difference is this: complete minimal/atmosphere touch for EZP, and more structural passage for S.Chains.

T: What three pieces of equipment can you not live without?

Z: Heart and two hands

T: What do you like best about being you?

Z: Being myself.  But this question, I'd turn it over to my friends and my fans; What do you like about the Ephesian Zap?

Soon, Zap will enter into production for a new album, a two in one release - called, "Darkness Behind Humanity" and "Disharmony."  Be sure to follow him on his facebook page so you don’t miss any upcoming news!

The Tenebrous staff and Mistress would like to thank Zap for his time and cooperation with this interview.

Special thanks to assisting editor, L.C. Harrison for her contribution on this article.

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