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Review of Kamijo's 'Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose'

Keeping the romance of vampire kisses flourishing, the loveliest Visual Kei Vampire Prince of them all steals hearts with his latest album "Heart".

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Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose

The composition of the elements of this song play against each other in a dance like story, that draws the listener in deeper and deeper as the story unfolds and continues to progress. Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose is a plea to the listener, beckoning forth the vampire heart to hear. The symphonic motifs dance with the vampire soul, playing on the listener's enchantment. Kamijo's vocals are a melodic soulful compliment to this vampire dance. There is so much emotion in the music and vocals of this piece, that haunt and entice the listener. The last haunting note is sung with beautiful artistry, that leaves the listener impacted by the all the emotion of the song's journey. There is an element of romantic nobility that plays on the heart leaving the listener affected by the melancholy of the emotional soul that is of Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose. "Tatoe kioku ga kiete mo shukumei wa kawaranai Negai wo saka noboreba tadoritsukeru," in translation "Even if the memories fade, fate will not change." Just as these words, the impact of Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose surely will stay enveloped in any vampire heart that hears its soulful sounds.

Kamijo World - http://kamijo.syncl.jp/?p=diarylist

Official Site - http://chateau-agency.com/kamijo/

Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTwxdSEeJYs

Kamijo new album Heart

Louis - Enketsu no la Vie en Rose - see lyrics with translations here:



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