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The Splatter's Review of SuG's Kill Kill

Known for their "Heavy Positive Rock," artist SuG is always dynamic and diverse. Vocal Takeru, responsible for creating the concepts that SuG portrays, is a well-known multi-faceted individual. Tenebrous is delighted to share the experience of SuG's latest song "Kill Kill."

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SuG - Kill Kill

There is something sinister and fascinating with tenebrous charm about SuG's song, "Kill Kill." With eerie energetic motifs that drive the pulse, as the repetitive percussive yet melodic vocals both draw in and pound the purpose of the words into the listener's mind, "Kill Kill" has a truly unique and profound impact. The driving rhythm carries the listener on through the experience of this song. In the bridge the ambiance created there adds a compelling feel, that draws the listener further into the disquisitive sonance of the piece. Overall, "Kill Kill" is a spirited and powerfully impacting song filled with intrigue and kinetic zeal.

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Masato - click to enlarge

Chiyu - click to enlarge

Yuji - click to enlarge

Shinpei - click to enlarge


SuG - Kill Kill PV





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