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The Splatter's Review of Gotcharocka's Rainfall

Gotcharocka is an expressive and conspicuous band of exceptional talent and intrigue, that often has a shadow element in play.

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Gotcharocka - レインフォール (rainfall)

The song "Rainfall" was featured on Gotcharocka's mini-album of the same title. Gotcharocka is celebrating their fourth anniversary. Their latest release is a DVD titled "Like a Millefeuille." This dynamic band features vocal Jui formerly of Vidoll, guitarist Jun formerly of Phantasmagoria and SPIV STATES, and guitarist 十夜 (Juya) formerly Toya of Charlotte

"Rainfall" begins with instrumental motifs that softly set the ambiance for the listener. Jui's heartfelt vocals draw in and carry the listener through the piece, as the instrumentation adds emphasis and accentuates the passion. Both the vocals and the accompaniment add to the subtle intensity of this ballad. The guitar carries an expressive quality that augments the emotional impact of "Rainfall." The guitar instrumental segment of the piece is a playful and coquettish interlude to this impassioned song. Overall, Jui's sweet and expressive vocals, and the aptitude of Jun and Juya to place sentiment into their guitar playing create a poignantly affective experience for the listener that can draw any heart's attention.

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Gotcharocka - レインフォール (rainfall) PV

GR Rnfll by leighLa

For a further Tenebrous delight check out this previous single's promotional video of Gotharocka's called, "Marry me, 'cause I hate U."

GR Marry by leighLa

Lyrics for "Marry me, 'cause I hate U" can be found Here http://www.jpopasia.com/gotcharocka/videos/54934/marry-me-cause-i-hate-u/

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