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The Splatter's Review of Indigo

Tenebrous' Special Indigo Interview

Mistress LC Harrison: What Inspired "Run Zombie Run?"

Indigo: "I was exploring an online creative writing class for writing paranormal fiction, and the first prompt asked us to create a list of aspects of the paranormal that we find at least remotely plausible and a list for the “completely ridiculous.” I have a wide potential for belief in things odd and unseen, so the ridiculous list was difficult for me to conjure up, but I chose zombies because it’s probably one of my least favorite subjects to explore in the paranormal realm.

I actually struggled with writing the assignment, but later that week, I was playing a chord progression that felt a bit eerie. 'Fear is growing colder and gripping each bit of my spine,' came to mind.  Then the prompt of trying to write about zombies surfaced, and I decided to take the challenge from the novel writing arena to song writing.  

I asked myself, how would it feel if you actually came face to face with a zombie? Try to put yourself in that place.  Would you be afraid? Would you stand your ground? Would you run?

I saw a vision like a short film play through my mind of me standing in boots in a dusty lot facing a single creature, as more and more came to join him. It was all in slow-motion, and we were all just standing there looking at one another, unsure of what was coming next.  

The song developed as a reflection of this moment, myself there frozen facing something I usually consider fearful. I observed this creature—noting it’s 'rancid skin,' its single-minded existence, its apathetic state—and compared it to the contrasting state that a human could exist in  —passionate, creative, strong, diverse, curious.

The chorus became a discussion of the duality of passion and apathy, creation and destruction, fear and love, not trying to obliterate either side of the spectrum, but just noticing the varied expression of existence."

Mistress LC Harrison: How would you describe your music?

Indigo: "My music is rooted in rock n’ roll, but studying classical music and dabbling in the world of jazz definitely had a large influence on the forms, melodies, and harmonies I explore. I enjoy creating alluring and dreamy vocals, inspired by female vocalists like Stevie Nicks, Lana del Rey, and Florence Welch."

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It was a fortuitous joy to have the opportunity to experience Erie PA, USA Local, Indigo live. Indigo's soft yet expressive and passionate, emotion-driven performace with vocals and guitar is truly delightful, uplifting, and inspiring. Each song is filled with emotion-fueled energy and perceptive expression, with solid musical accompaniment on guitar, that only adds the perfect supportive atmosphere to the ambiance that Indigo's lyrics express.


Indigo - Run Zombie Run

The driving rhythm played on Indigo's guitar is a fitting pulse to the energy of the driving lyrics in "Run Zombie Run." This pulse is much like a heartbeat of excited energy for the listener to follow in the ambiance of "Run Zombie Run;" the energy expressed in the music pulls the listener into the experience and feelings that the song expresses.  The playful words, that paint that feeling into an image for the listener are well suited to Indigo's ambiance for this emotion-filled piece. 

"I should stay away

I should stay away from you

You’re as cold as ice

And this fire just might

Melt you down

So maybe you oughta keep away from me too

You’re as cold as ice

I might, I just might

Melt you down," by Indigo, "Run Zombie Run" Indigo   2017

Indigo's zealous vocal is expressive, and reflective of all the conflicting emotions that are described in the lyrics of "Run Zombie Run." Overall, the performance of this piece is stirring for the spirit of the listener, and creates a delightful encounter for the tenebrous heart.

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