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The Splatter Presents Ephesian Zap's Soul's Chains - A Review of Disharmony

The staff had the honor and pleasure of listening to former Creature Feature Ephesian Zap's dynamic double disc album, Disharmony, Darkness Behind Humanity.  Three years in the making, the release of his album is an amazing triumph for this artist, crafting nearly all the music by himself and fully independent!  After sharing this journey, Tenebrous and The Splatter agree, there is no one like Zap!  

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Check out Blindness (Requiem), track #8 on Disharmony 


Soul’s Chains’ album Disharmony is a great two disc experience with “Disharmony” and “Darkness Behind Humanity.”  The listener is driven through an adventure of entangled mind-blowing atmosphere, the force of which is the brilliant guitar, superb builds, intensity, and fluid keyboard work.



Disc One "Disharmony"


“Disharmony” is an intense passionate play that carries the listener through a wonderment of consuming expressions and feeling.  The shining keyboard mystique that paints its way throughout the first disc, combined with the dark heavy elements of the metal vibes and intonations, creates a fluid flow to the experience that is incredible and unique.  Track II “Degeneration” has a guitar build that draws the listener ever deeper into this dramatic world.  The underlying melody is captivating in Track III “Dead Body,” which seems to bring the listener ever further into the realm during this incredible journey.  Track V “For You” is truly beautiful with an allure of a clear haunting melody, and blazing feel in a progression that impacts the mind of the listener with this ignited spirit.  “For You” is followed by an intriguing moment complete with mystifying guitar, entitled “The Human Fall.”   The truly artistic close of “The Human Fall” leads into a four Chapter closure to this path.  These Chapters include expressive vocals and a compelling flow of sound.  The song "Blindness (Requiem)" stands out with driving pulses and intensity in vocal and guitar.  The expression of "Blindness" leaves a strong impression on the listener with all the feeling and passion.  The play of sounds is a grand moment of this story.  The closure carries the listener with a pulling melody, drawing them to a place that leaves the journeyer desiring more.  This seems to make a perfect lead into the second disc.


Disc Two "Darkness Behind Humanity"


The beginning of disc two “Darkness Behind Humanity” bears a melody that draws the wandering listener right into the next adventure and experience.  Here, there is more intensity and energies that push and pull the listener through a progressive realm, with continuing driving guitar builds and playful passions on keyboard.  The key work into the dynamic "Willie Zur Macht" is exemplary of all the brilliant transitions throughout these great journeys.  The piece itself is a dark fantasm of passionate expressions, that only upon hearing may be understood.  Track III “Valentine Black Rose” has much interest with contrasting expressions and passions, in both vocal and guitar.  Track III is followed by “My Desire,” which holds a dark enchantment that ensnares the listener in this journey.  The intensity of “Limbo of Violence” is chased by the mystery of “Everything Burn,” which climbs on a guitar riff into the elegant beginning of “Poison Pt II.”  “Poison Pt II” is a solemn, strong and powerful end to this second journey.

In whole, Soul’s Chains has truly created an amazing dark journey that plays with the tenebrous mind, pulling it back and forth through an intense, enchanting, alluring, and passionate world.  


In whole, Soul’s Chains has truly created an amazing dark journey that plays with the tenebrous mind, pulling it back and forth through an intense, enchanting, alluring, and passionate world.

To purchase DISHARMONY, write Zap directly soulschains@hotmail.it.  Cost of the album is 12 euros plus shipping (which varies depending on destination.)



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