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Mistress' Closet - Wardrobe Archives

Welcome To Mistress' Wardrobe Archives!

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Crossed between Punk, Goth and Fetish, our look this month is literally "dread-full"!  Here are the details behind this lady.

The Dread Locks Dolly
A StrangeWays Art Creation

Motherless Brooklyn
Jonathan Lethem

The Foot Wear

The Hair
Dread locks can be really fun fashion but if you have an office job, like I do, its just not an option.  There are now dozens of wig makers on the web, from Ebay to specialty salons who have clip on dread falls.  Dreads tonight and a blow out tomorrow.  I found that The Rag Doll Weave Company is among the best and most affordable for luxury falls.  You can add exciting colors with individual dreads to create the look you want by shopping with Tish & Snooky at Manic Panic.  Expect to pay from $40 to $100 for pony tail falls like this dolly.  I spotted screaming deals on Ebay for clip on wool yarn dreads as low as $7 and just as fashionable.

The Makeup

This dolly's makeup can be achieved with a one stop shop at Manic Panic.  It calls for Dreamtone Foundation in Violet or Blue.  Virgin pressed powder sets the foundation in a flawless finish and will touch up your pretty nose later.  Lips and tips are in Raven, so is the eye/lip liner.  Eye shadows are Raven and Star Child.  You can also sculpt your cheek bones with Star Child.  Finally, our dolly wears a glittery Bhindi - achieve this with Glam Gems.  Shopping Cart Total = $75 with FREE shipping.

The Clothes

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The Accessories
I found the arm warmers, fishnets and any  jewelry you may need at Hot Topic.  You'll even find a cute little handbag to tag along with you all at very affordable prices.  Arm warmers will run you about $12 - $14 and your leg wear is priced under $10.  Get a purse for under $24.

The Foot Wear

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